This is a flyer showcasing Japanese luxury fishbaits.
The illustration below the first two baits explains how these things behave under water.
Various examples of the Crevo product line.
Hoyu are supplying hair and beard dye products specifically designed for oriental hair.
For the 25th anniversary of the Hungarian rock band PG Csoport, I designed the posters for the live show (like this billboard above),
the CD cover and the poster for the corresponding documentary (below).
No Weed Eco Grass is an American product of organic lawn that is weed-free. I designed the logo and the branding for Mobile Energy Llc.
This used to be the standard tier leaflet of Michelin in 2004, when I was responsible for the the graphical part of the localisation of their printed materials in the Central-Eastern European countries.
I developed the key visual and based on it, the complete Polish introductory campaign of Flabélos
for both print and the web.
It was tough to design marketing materials of Pliva's children-oriented medicine.
Zitrocin is an antibiotic, and Ondansetron is cancer-related.
Food Fusion is an exclusive grocery store in one of Budapest's richer quarters.
This is the inlet of a fusion jazz CD I designed for an aspiring band in Hungary.
The digital Christmas card of Manna, a natural cosmetics brand.